Swanshire Minerals Ltd is a UK registered company operating primarily in Sierra Leone and West Africa.

Sierra Leone in particular has a good spread of solid minerals including diamonds, gold, rutile, bauxite, platinum and iron ore.

Diamonds: Sierra Leone’s established diamond fields are located in the country’s south-eastern and eastern parts covering an area of almost 20,000 km2, representing over 25 per cent of the total land area of the country. They are concentrated in Kono, Kenema, and Bo Districts and are mainly situated in the drainage areas of the Sewa, Bafi, Woa, Mano and Moa Rivers.

Rutile: Sierra Leone possesses one of the largest reserves of natural rutile in the world. Four
groups of deposits are known, mainly in the Moyamba and Bonthe Districts. It is also on record that substantial quantities of rutile occur in the gravels of the Little Scarcies River, close to its confluence with the Mabole River in the Kambia and Portloko Districts.

Bauxite: Bauxite occurrences have been recorded in several localities in Sierra Leone in the Northern and Southern Provinces and in the Western Area where they are associated with the anorthositic rocks of the Freetown Gabbroic Complex.

Gold: The widespread occurrence of alluvial gold in the Sula Mountains/ Kangari Hills in the north and central parts of the country had been recorded.


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